A 4.00 diameter pin reel that runs on precision bearings.. The spokes and line lays are made from brass and the spool is 1 1/4 wide. There is a caliper style ratchet check and the handles are buffalo horn. The back is made from mahogany or walnut with a brass starback and brass reel foot.     £520


The 3in Coxon is built as near as possible to the original 3in 6 spoke reel. The line lays and spokes are brass and the reel runs on a phospher bronze  bearing and pin. There is a check and brass starback. The handles are bone. The back is made from mahogany. This is a delightfull reel to use on a wizard rod.      £490


The BB pin is a facinating reel. I first became interested in the reel after reading Be Quiet Go a Angling. R Walker made two reels one for BB the other for himself. One reel had a brake the other did not. These reels were made in his grandparents lawnmower factory.  I made the first reel in 1980 from information and pictures of the reel I had obtained  and from information from my dear friend Marice Ingham. A short while later I was able to handle the original reel and was given permission to make copies,. I took measurments and photos of all the parts and a draughtsman friend produced  proper detailed drawings.

The reel is 5 7/8 diameter and 1 1/4 wide the spool is 3/4 wide. It has a check lever and brake lever facing forward. The reel is made from two billets of aluminium and is caged construction. I did not make mine from magnesium because of the fire risk. 

This is a fantastic reel for carp fishing close in with float and bamboo rod. This reel has landed many carp to 28Ib and pike over 30Ib      £950

A special BB Reel made with righthand wind for a left handed angler    


A traditional pin can be made in other sizes<< New text box >>

American style Fly Reel with custom made walnut box £300 5 reels only made with box
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