Precision built adjustable formers.

  All forms are built from high grade steel bars. The bars are stress relieved to stop warping. They can be made in lengths to suit the rod you want to make. One side of the form is to plane tip sections the other butt sections. They are doweled to keep the faces of the form inline and have push pull screws every 5 in to set the form to the taper required. The forms are ground on a surface grinder with optical wheel dressing to ensure that the angles are very accurate.    5ft 6in Form  £400         Longer up to 7ft  POA


  Rough planing forms can be made to customers size required these have push pull screws every 12in.    From   £275


  Splicing Jig.   For joining nodeless sections   from  £275


  Setting  Clock.  An imperial or metric dial indicator with 60 deg  point and base for setting planing forms.     £85


  Setting master.    A precision ground block with a 60 deg groove .100 deep for setting of 60deg point on the depth clock    

                            After long use the point of the clock can become worn. By using this gauge the clock is set using the flanks of the 60     deg stylus                             thus allways giving an accurate reading on the depth of the former.   £60


  Binding Jig      A very simple unit for binding glued sections of bamboo together. Built on the lines of the Garrison binder .    £390


  A deposit of 50% is required when ordering rod making items.




     The Hexaplane is a hand planing device I designed in 1990. It will plane rod strips very accuratly and fast. 

 On this unit the prepared strips are placed on an adjustable bed and the 60 degree strips are planed in one setting. The cutting blades are made by myself in high speed steel or tungston carbide. You can regrind the blades simply on a grinding wheel using a angle checking device. The rod taper is set by putting a dial indicator on the hexaplane and it is moved along the bed way and adjusted to the taper. The strips are held in position with pins  or clamps.

   Cutters can be supplied to make four or five sided rods.    POA


 A  deposit of 50% is required when ordering

 The Hexaplane in various stages of producing a Bambb strip.

BAMBOO ROD MAKING  A bench top guide                                  By Barry Grantham

A bench top guide to bamboo rod making.  This book will be available in early 2016. It covers all aspects of bamboo rod making. From its history to step by step on building a rod. Parts of chapters will be uploaded with details of all the contents when ready for publication. This will be a limited edition run of 200 books each numbered and signed.

  After making over 60 planing formers and other rod making aids for use in the UK and Europe I kept getting asked if I would write a book on the subject. So after so many requests here it is. The first British book dealing with Bamboo rod making to be published since the 60s.

This is an ideal publcation for any who want to learn this craft.

Chapters on

    History  -  Bamboo  -  Tools  -  Bamboo selection  -  Heat Treating  -  Splitting  -  Preperation  -  Planing Strips. -  Gluing  -  Sanding

    Polishing  -  Ferrules  -  Handles  -  Fittings  -  Wrapping  -  Varnish.

    Making a Fly Rod start to finish

    Making a Carp Rod Start to finish

    Rod Tapers

    Rod restoration

    Casting with a Bamboo Fly Rod  and  care  of bamboo rods.


    Orders for this book can be made before publication. Deposit required. £10   Total cost of book  £40 plus postage

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