I have been making these traditional landing nets for many years and was one of the first to produce these nets for the angler.






These nets are made from drawings supplied by the late Richard Walker and my good friend Maurice Ingham. The arms are made from laminated bamboo and 36in long. The T piece is aluminium and spreader block oak with finger grip holes. The brass supports are whipped over. The pole is 5ft 6in long with a brass ferrule and brass end cap. The mesh is traditional knotless. The net is bolted to the pole with a 3/8 BSF brass and aluminium screw. Varnish is gloss.


  • Priced at £390.00
  • Other smaller arm sizes from £295.00




These nets are made in the style of the nets made by B James in the 50s. I was asked by Keith Hilton to make another set of arms for his fathers net the late Jack Hilton that succesfull carp angler. Keith loaned me his fathers net and asked also if I could make identical nets for him and his angling companion Mike Mintram. These nets are built to the design of Jacks net. The arms are laminated bamboo as the walker. The arms are not wrapped over the supports and the T piece is shaped. The spreader is oak with tuffnel supports. The pole is as the Walker. Net mesh traditional. Varnish gloss


  • Priced at  £410.00
  • Other smaller arm sizes are available from £330.00


 A deposit of  50% is required when  0rdering landing nets





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